Integration of TV & Internet

in recent years the integration of the "new media" Television and Internet have completely changed the access to information and our view of the world. intends to even broaden the aspects of information by a comprehensive collection of the most important TV stations from countries on different continents.

The individual channels are sorted by continents and within the continent-preselection we offer an easy choice of TV stations in different countries by a simple click. The access to different aspects of a recent event is quite important to assess political, economic and cultural impacts and effects on our life. 

In order to facilitate the access to the different channels the team of free TV uses PopUps; if there is any problem with your PC, smartphone or tablet please allow PopUps for our website in order to see the original websites of the respective TV channels; on these websites you can navigate as usual. 

free-tv recommends 

- Deutsche Welle - DW TV - with news in 3 minutes.  

The channel offers news in the following 30 languages:

Albanian Shqip, Amharic አማርኛ, Arabic العربية, Bengali বাংলা , Bosnian B/H/S , Bulgarian Български, Chinese 中文, Croatian Hrvatski, Dari دری, English English, French Français, German Deutsch, Greek Ελληνικά, Hausa Hausa, Hindi हिन्दी, Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia, Kiswahili Kiswahili, Macedonian Македонски, Pashto پښتو, Persian فارسی, Polish Polski, Portuguese Português do Brasil, Portuguese Português para África, Romanian Română, Russian на русском, Serbian Српски/Srpski, Spanish Español, Turkish Türkçe, Ukrainian Українська, Urdu اردو

- the French channel tv5Mondeplus with a special news section and a special channel for Africa

- the international channel CNN

- the Russian Channel One as the most widely distributed and trusted Russian-language channel 

We would appreciate your opinion concerning the present offer of TV stations and your recommendation for additional TV stations is welcome!

The offer of is completely free from own advertising and we hope you enjoy exploring the TV world on free TV.

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